If driving, allow plenty of time for parking and a quick bike check. Please remember that these events are NOT a race. Do not do anything that could spoil the event and always be courteous to fellow road users at all times. There is a max speed limit of 30kmph and minimum limit of 15kmph, except for the 50km ride where the minimum limit is 10kmph. Riders finishing outside these limits will not be validated. There is no event signage, no mechanical support and no rescue service offered!

ROUTE SHEETS & GPS You should receive digital copies of route sheet and GPX file corresponding to your ride from the organiser ahead of the event date. Spare copies of the route sheets will not available on the day hence please come prepared. Make sure your GPS unit is working, adequately charged and can survive for the whole of ride.

TOOLS Always carry essential spares and tools. Recommended: 2 spare inner tubes, puncture repair kit, tyre levers, Allen keys to fit your bike. Small adjustable spanner. Selection of cable ties. Good pump, capable of achieving 100 psi. Carry as little as possible on your person. Avoid any bag on your back, even if they’re ‘designed for cycling’, use the bike instead. Never carry tools in your pockets - they can make an additional mess should you fall. Carry a face mask and hand sanitiser for personal use.

BIKES Make sure your bike is roadworthy and checked over before the start of the ride. Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles (EAPCs) aka E-bikes are WELCOME in 50 and 100km Brevet Populaire events, but are not eligible for validation. For 200km ride LIGHTS are MUST unless you're a fast rider.

FOOD & DRINKS A simple refreshment at the start and finish is included in the registration fee. All 3 rides have several pubs & cafés enroute which allows top up. Please only visit the venues if it is absolutely necessary and always comply with social distancing and hygiene requirements. For shorter rides, carrying enough food and drinks to survive the ride is recommended. By all means, carry with you some 'bonk rations' - a small quantity of confectionery like Jelly Babies or flapjack or energy gels to quickly replenish depleted energy reserves. Choose foods that are easy to digest and carb / protein rich. A humble banana can deliver ~25g carb whilst being kind to your tummy & wallet. Drink is probably more important than food. For 100 and 200km rides, two bottles with either diluted fruit juice or energy or electrolyte drink is recommended. Make sure you keep drinking, you will lose a lot of liquid through perspiration, even on a cold day.


Never try anything new on the day of the ride - be it food, clothing or bike !