Tribute Audax

50, 100 & 200kM Cycle rides

25th April 2020, Saturday

Caversham, Reading

as TRIBUTES to Science Pioneers

A Tribute to Alan Turing

208km ride via Bletchley Park as a tribute to Alan TURING, the father of Theoretical Computer Science and AI. The route loops around Bletchley Park where Alan & fellow codebreakers worked and returns via The Chilterns AONB

A Tribute to Robert Boyle

108km ride as a tribute to Robert BOYLE, the Father of Modern Chemistry, discoverer of Boyle's Gas Law & co-founder of Royal Society. The route passes around the site in Oxford where Robert lived between 1655-1668 when he discovered Boyle's Law

A Tribute to Johnson & Matthey

55km ride as a Tribute to Percival JOHNSON & George MATTHEY - the 19th century metallurgy pioneers. A scenic ride on quiet roads and country lanes exploring the foothills of beautiful Chilterns (AONB) and returning via Johnson Matthey Technology Centre at Sonning Common

"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.”

― H.G. Wells